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Podcasting at this point is not the future! Podcasting is the present. In future, I will show you how to set a podcast up but for now, podcasting is a great way to build your audience and after a little while, with a few downloads, you can start earning from your podcast.

RMD Digital offers podcast set up services in Ireland

We offer initial consultations about setting up your podcast. We can help you all the way through to completion. We can also do your full setup. Just contact us.

We can submit your podcast to all online directories so your podcast is available on every platform globally.


Getting your Podcast sponsored is huge. The majority of podcasts I listen to currently are sponsored. Sponsorship is achieved when a company and you agree to a deal whereby you get paid to advertise a service or a product verbally during your podcast episodes and you get paid for it.

Be careful with your arrangements, make sure your sponsors are happy for you to get sponsored by other companies. Start by mapping out your ideal sponsorship agreement and go from there.


One huge tip would be that I would urge you to stay away from becoming an affiliate of a company, service or product without trying it out. Falsely endorsing companies and products that are not a good fit for your audience or of poor quality only ends with your followers feeling annoyed at you and you will lose your fans trust. In short, believe in the company you choose to work with!

This one might be obvious, but it’s important. If you’re looking for an ongoing partnership, make sure your potential new hire is on board with that. You don’t want to bring someone in only to lose them halfway through your project because they need something else in their schedule. A commitment of 6 months at minimum is ideal; 2-3 years is even better if you can swing it. And, of course, payment isn’t everything—make sure you ask candidates about their goals and career goals too! With some luck (and some follow up interviews), you should end up with not just someone who can do great work but someone who wants to stick around for awhile too. I really hope that this helped you to realise things to consider before hiring a web developer. Also, make sure to choose the right Shopify web designer!

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