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YouTube has come a long way since it launched as one of the first video-sharing websites on the internet back in 2005. Nowadays, YouTube has grown to become the second largest search engine on the web and has more than 1 billion users worldwide (and that number is growing daily). With such a large and diverse audience, it’s no wonder that YouTube has become such an important platform for marketing and advertising across all industries, but what many people don’t realize is that you can also make money with YouTube too! This article will teach you how to use your videos to generate income through the YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube Partner Program

To monetize your YouTube videos, you need to have a valid AdSense account and be part of Google’s Partner Program. To enroll in it, you must sign up for an AdSense account, meet certain eligibility requirements , then apply using Google’s monetization application form .

Steps to Becoming a Partner

If you want to monetize your videos and start earning ad revenue, becoming a partner is a good way to get started. Becoming a partner isn’t hard; it’s based on video views and watch time, so if you produce quality content people will be more likely to watch your videos and therefore more likely to see your ads. As of February 2018, there are about 1.5 million partners across all countries in YouTube’s Partner Program. To become one of them, follow these steps

Basic Requirements for Signing Up

If you’re looking for a way to make money from your channel, consider using Google AdSense—it gives you a 55% cut of all revenue from ads that appear on your videos. However, getting set up can be tricky as AdSense is only available in certain countries and isn’t currently supported on mobile devices.

Ads in Videos

Earn money by showing ads in your videos. The more popular your videos are, you can earn more revenue. You can also allow other companies to promote their products in your video if you become a partner in their program. This means they will pay you based on how many views your videos get and how many of those viewers click on one of their links. It’s important not only that you create popular content, but that it’s relevant to what these advertisers are promoting at any given time.

Monetizing through AdSense

You can monetize your videos using AdSense. The first step is to set up an AdSense account and configure it so that ads appear on your videos. In addition, you’ll need a Google account for your YouTube channel. If you already have one, link it to your AdSense account before moving forward. Then, log in to both accounts from within My Channel in order to complete any remaining steps for linking them together.

Monetizing with Display Advertising

The ad revenue generated from a video is determined by a couple of factors. First, there’s pre-roll video advertising that plays before your video. Then, there’s overlay ads that play at certain points in your video or while your video is buffering. If you have a popular channel, you might also get sponsorships from companies who want to place ads on your videos. The more popular and engaging your videos are, the more likely it is that you’ll generate income from them.

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