Website for Meanwell Wholefoods

The look, feel & functionality of your website & digital presence is what matters most to me.
Let's build!

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€795 - Initial website setup, security & submission to Google and all analytics platforms 
€79 - Monthly Updates and Maintenance

Working With You

Discovering and understanding your project is key. Communication is everything!

Most clients who approach us are curious as to how they will get their vision communicated across  so that it can be built & realised. Here's how we do it:


Every project begins with discovery. Speaking is by far the best medium to discover your needs. I'm happy to speak by phone, meet up or even do an online video call. Text & email is also okay.


After determining if we are a good fit, I will want to hear about your strategy and learn a bit more about your industry.


This part of the project can take a little time as it is so important. A full website setup & design takes some focus. As each site is a custom piece of work, I build everything out and put your package in place.

Review & Perfect

Let's take a look at what we have accomplished so far. This is an exciting part of the project. It's time to go live.

Go Live!

Let's talk about how we want to launch in regard to Promotion & Launch. Here, we want to make sure your online presence is rolled out, and GO LIVE!!!

Ongoing Support

As you know, I send you your stats monthly. However, reporting is not analysis. I will make recommendations of online and offline marketing strategies that will help to boost your business.  I will also maintain all of the site infastucture & security.